Pasquale Taraffo and his Harp Guitar.

Pasquale Taraffo, came to the United States three times—once for a concert tour of New York City and California in 1928–29, once as a crew member of a ship that docked in New York in 1933, and once for a concert stop in New York in 1935.

Born in Genoa, Italy, in 1887, the musician began giving guitar concerts at age nine. He eventually switched from the traditional guitar to the harp guitar, a 14-string instrument mounted on a pedestal. Taraffo started touring abroad in 1910, performing on his own and with other musicians. Known as “the Paganini of the guitar”—a reference to the legendary Italian violinist—he was wildly popular around the world and especially in South America.

via The National Archives

In this video, you can hear the virtuoso play one of his most popular pieces, “Stefania,” named after his daughter and recorded in the 1930s.


The tube anemone, or tube dwelling anemone, lives in a mucous tube on the muddy bottoms of coastal waters, estuaries and soft seabeds.  These attractive anemones are found in tropical and subtropical waters throughout the world, where they can grow up to 15 cm (6in) across and 30 cm (12in) tall.  When it is threatened, the animal retracts into its tube for protection.  The beautiful stinging tentacles vary from a vibrant purple to a creamy brown.

Karen Gowlett-Holmes, photographer

via: Census of Marine Life

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